Contacting Campers

Campers truly love to receive letters from home. They receive their mail each day after lunch and always look forward to this time, and receiving a hand written letter is very special. Since "snail mail" can take three to five days for delivery, preparation (send letters even before camp begins) and patience are necessary—but a hand-written letter is often kept for years, while emails are thrown away quickly. Take the time to write a letter; we think this is one of the most memorable parts of a camping experience.

Example Letter Address:
Camper Name/Cabin Number
Camp Crestridge
P.0. Box 279
Ridgecrest, NC 28770

We do not allow our campers to receive care packages at camp. See our section on Care Packages to learn more.

Hand written letters are wonderful, but when you are unable to get these out, you may choose to email your camper. These will be printed out and delivered along with regular mail. .Only those registered with our photo and email service can send email communication. Please be aware that anyone you provide with your username and password can send emails from your account.

Campers will not electronically respond to email but may write home via postal mail. Click on Email Your Camper (SECURE SITE - LOG IN REQUIRED) to email your camper now.

If you would like to talk to your camper during their camp stay, you may call and leave a message with our receptionist. The message will be posted for their counselor, and the call will be returned when the child is not in an activity. Generally, we prefer not to have parents call their children…however, if you must call, please do so after the first week allowing time for adjustment.