Why A Girl's Camp?

We believe strongly in running two separate camps, one serving girls and one serving boys. This single-gender approach has numerous benefits for the type of Christian camping experience we want to provide. Our desire is to see each girl become the woman God intended her to be. Each camper was made in God’s image and was made female for a reason. This is important for them to understand so that they know how much God loves them just as they are. We want to free our campers with this knowledge and free them to be themselves. Many girls cannot achieve their potential in a coed environment. Peer pressure, their perceived need to conform to popular opinion and thinking, their desire to be accepted - these are some of the reasons which make many girls suppress their own personality and individuality.

We have seen that girls lay the foundation for leadership at Crestridge. Skilled counselors who understand girls and their learning style can spark a girl's interest in non-traditional areas. They can encourage a young lady to dream outside of the box and pursue their interests.

The comfort level attained at a girls’ camp is excellent, helping girls develop greater self-confidence and decision making ability. It promotes both competition and collaboration at the same time. Girls tend to ignore gender stereotypes and develop their competitive side more fully in a single gender setting while working together with others. There are no boys to impress and a sense of self is cemented during their stay.

The games and activities we provide are focused on girls; each one designed to determine gifts and abilities and exploit them. A program that caters to females has flexibility unavailable to coed systems. In creating program we identify that which connects with girls and build it around their needs. From cheerleading to mountain biking, these skills are taught in a manner that is girl-specific.

During a session, the girls and boys will see each other at least 1-2 times. However, you can see our belief in the tangible benefits of single-gender camping. This has been part of our mission since 1955 and we hope your child will enjoy this environment along with all that Crestridge has to offer.