Challenges & Belle

The heart of Camp Crestridge is our Council of Progress. Each week a staff member presents the girls a challenge - then they have talks with the counselors & Jets. This is a very special time for the campers and staffers because they get to spend one on one time with each other, they set goals, and this is often an experience that draws them closer to Christ.

When campers arrive at camp, they become keenly aware of the Challenge System. Each camper can choose if they want to complete challenges to attain the rank of their village. If they choose to take the challenge, they are given a challenge sheet. The challenge is divided into the 4 areas of our Council of Progress. As the camper advances in the villages, the challenge becomes more difficult. The girls have to get the required checks in each area before they can receive their bar (2 week session) or star (rank).

When a Cherokee camper (Cherokee is the oldest age group) has attained her rank then she is eligible to receive our highest rank in the Council of Progress, Belle. When the camper is "tapped out" for Belle, they begin a 12-hour test that includes building a fire, sunrise hike and devotion, reflection times and more. At the end of the 12 hours, if they have passed the test, then they have attained the highest rank in Council of Progress, that of Belle.