A Day at Camp

Our days are jam-packed with tons of fun activities. Campers are amazed at the crazy stuff that goes on here. Each age group’s program is designed with activities that suit their skills and abilities. We have over 50 years of programming experience that we rely on to provide the most fun in a safe environment. This schedule will give you a taste of a typical day at camp, but there are plenty of trips, co-ed, and other special days built into our calendar as well that keep the surprises coming.

Typical Schedule
7:30 AM Wake-Up Bell
8:00 AM Breakfast
8:30 AM Chapel
9:00 AM Quiet Time
9:20 AM Cabin Clean-Up
10:10 AM Skills
11:05 AM Skills
12:00 PM Skills
1:05 PM Lunch
1:45 PM Rest Hour & Mail Call
2:45 PM Store
3:15 PM Village Activities
4:30 PM Free Time
6:00 PM Supper
7:15 PM Evening Activity
9:00 PM On Hill
9:30 PM Devotions
10:15 PM Lights Out